Girls, girls, girls

When walking around London trying to spot different styles to put on photos, I noticed that most girls were a bit more reluctant to get their photo taken than guys. However I did managed to get a few, and asked their opinion on the way they dress at night.

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A view from the stage

Matt (in the middle) with his band Indigo Earth

Matt Facy is from Plymouth, and lived in several places in the UK. He plays guitar and bass in his band Indigo Earth, and is now preparing for a summer tour in the Southwest of the UK. I figured that he has seen many kinds of people during his gigs, and asked his opinion about London and the rest of the UK.

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Guys around London

As said before, when you walk around London, you see many different people. This also applies to guys. There are trendy guys, alternative guys, gay guys, straight guys, casual guys, business guys etc. I decided to have a look around different areas and take photos of some of the guys.

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The perspective of a Fashion PR

"There are so many different styles in London. I love to see all the people when I go out."

Jey Bernal is an American graduate living in London. As she works in Fashion PR, I was wondering what her expert opinion is on the style in London, and what the differences are with the USA.

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The southern view

"You certainly see different styles in London than in Southampton, but I dress the same in both places. It's what I feel most comfortable in."

Jim Mackney, originally from Southampton, is a student in London. This twenty-year-old mainly goes out in Soho and Camden, and I asked him about his opinions on the clothing style in these areas.

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Couples in Soho

When going to Soho, you see many different people. They can be dressed casual, fancy, alternative or still in work clothes. I decided to go into Soho and see how couples adapt to each others clothing style.

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The Portuguese View

"Guys in London seem a bit feminine to me"

My second interview is with Portuguese student Joana Ribeiro. Originally from Lisbon, I was wondering what she thinks of the clothing style in the English capital. And of course what the differences are with Portugal.

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